Call-Center-Agents-506x338It can be thrilling to be part of a growing, fast-paced organization. Yet, as you achieve your goals and open up new opportunities, it’s your adaptability and flexibility that become essential for sustaining service levels. As Jack Welch, former CEO of GE once said, “Business success is less a function of grandiose predictions than it is a result of being able to respond rapidly to real changes as they occur.”

One area most affected by an organization’s rapid growth is the contact center.  When customer interaction volumes increase, the contact center staffing can affect service levels. In fact, extended hold times and other lags in service quality caused by an inadequately staffed contact center are a leading source of customer dissatisfaction and churn.

In my five-part series on the potential return on investment of deploying the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, I’ve described several key benefits that each offer a significant financial impact. These include improved agent handle time and reduction in infrastructure costs to increased net revenue from improved conversion rates. In the commissioned Forrester Total Economic Impact ™ (TEI) study, another fundamental benefit is reduced cost to integrate new contact center agents. This benefit is especially valuable for growing organizations.

The Challenge of Contact Center Growing Pains

As contact centers have grown in complexity, it has become a greater challenge to add agents. Whether these agents are new hires or acquired through outsourcing or acquisition, most contact centers face ongoing issues with integration.

In some cases, organizations will even make the decision to rely on third-party outsourcers’ routing engines, applications, and call recording and monitoring functionality when expanding its agent pool just to avoid the time and cost of integration. While this is a quick fix, it’s a short-sighted decision that results in a lack of end-to-end visibility. It hinders both operational decision-making and effective workforce management.

Taking the Hassle Out of Agent Integration

With the Genesys Customer Experience Platform in place, companies gain the flexibility of architecture that enables fast configuration of new agents and set up of their roles. With the addition of orchestrated routing, customers can be routed to new agents as they get up to speed in their roles. The result is substantially reduced integration costs. There is also significant improvement to operational decision-making with the benefit of seamless screen integration of the agent desktop and the administration interface. This produces both greater transparency of information and lower administration costs. In fact, the companies interviewed for the TEI study had an average savings of $1,188,000 to integrate new contact center agents over a period of five years. This works out to be a 50% cost reduction!

Organizations experiencing growth and change find it challenging to add agents and sustain service levels, efficiency, and profitability. With a solution that cuts integration time and effort, the cost and hassles of adding agents become far more manageable.

Learn more about how the Genesys Customer Experience Platform can be a cost-effective component to your organization’s growth strategy.  Watch our video series on the methodology with Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Art Schoeller. Read the complete Forrester Study: Total Economic Impact of Genesys Omnichannel Engagement Center Solution.