cloudYou always think, “It will never happen to me” and then it does. You receive a call, email or letter from your bank, stating that your debit card number was compromised and they are putting a hold on your account and issuing a new card, all because someone hacked into a retailer’s customer data. Well earlier this year I became one of many who went through this, as part of the 70 million or so people whose personal information was stolen over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated event. In a report by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, between January 2005 and May 2013, there were over 300 known security breaches in the United States alone. With the continued growth of malware programs like the Heartbleed Bug (one of over an estimated 130 million forms of malware out there today) companies are more vulnerable to cyber-attack than ever.

With all these headlines about security breaches, it’s not a surprise that some organizations have lingering security concerns about moving to the Cloud. Securing customer data and applications managed from the Cloud is becoming a critical factor as cloud adoption expands and more companies move contact center applications to the Cloud. The key is to find a service provider that takes security as seriously as you do.

The Cloud can be a very secure model when both you and your provider believe that securing customer data is critically important and that it’s a shared issue between the enterprise and the provider. It really comes down to doing the due diligence. Understand how the provider approaches the key security areas such as:

  • Physical Security
  • Logical and Network Security
  • Compliance

The Cloud can be just as secure, if not more secure, than the on-premise environment. You just have to take the time to ensure your service provider offers the level of security and compliance you need and that they take security as serious as you do.

You can learn more about this viewing our on-demand webinar on “Are You More Secure In The Cloud?” where Information Security expert Daniel Blander and I talk about some of the key issues surrounding security in the cloud and the importance of key security standards such as PCI-DSS.

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