greeneyesOn this St. Patrick’s Day everyone should be seeing (and wearing) green! And for those companies that have switched to a modern self-service IVR platform – they are probably seeing even more green flow to their bottom lines as a result of improving their self-service experience.

Traditional IVRs are known for frustrating callers, requesting the same information to be repeated multiple times and being viewed as a barrier to talking to an agent.  Yet, technology advances now enable companies to provide a truly great customer experience when they call into the IVR – while simultaneously deflecting calls that can be completed in self-service from agents – thus saving all that green!

Making the Move to Cloud Self-Service IVR

Interestingly, one particular segment of the financial services industry where we are seeing a major shift to cloud self-service IVR is in Payment Card Solutions (PCS), which includes prepaid and gift cards.  The PCS market is large and growing at a healthy rate – up 11% from 2013 to 2014, to $274 billion in prepaid card transaction value according to Packaged Facts.

Genesys works with many of the leading PCS companies. The Genesys on-demand IVR platform offers PCS clients the following benefits:

  • An “end-to-end” management tool for self-service customer experiences
  • Analytics that span both self and assisted service interactions
  • Rapid creation of call flows
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Control to continuously improve your IVR in real time

Companies further benefit from a turnkey solution, while also being PCI Level 1 compliant, which is very important for the Payment Card industry and the entire financial services industry. Finally, seamleess integration with existing CRM back ends to facilitate personalized interactions – which goes a long way towards providing exceptional customer experiences.

One Genesys customer in the PCS industry utilizes self-service IVR to enable customers to complete transactions directly through the IVR, which drastically decreased the number of calls transferred to agents. The customer saw improved customer satisfaction when the IVR enabled faster service because it saved customers valuable time during a variety of transactions, including card activation, account balance requests, verification of check status, changing a pin number, pending transaction update, and posted transactions. Proof that a modern IVR can simultaneously lower agent costs and increase CX.

They say everyone has a little ‘Luck of the Irish’ on St. Patrick’s Day. When it comes to self-service, don’t wait for luck! Ensure a great customer experience by using a modern self-service IVR platform that will put you on a journey to a pot of gold.

To learn more, see our white paper titled, Migrating Legacy End of Life IVR, to help get you on the right path. You can get it here!