self-serviceOverall, the financial services industry has become increasingly competitive and customers have more options than ever, making personalized customer care critical to staying competitive and successful in a digital world. According to the Ernst and Young Global Consumer Banking Survey, however, a third of banking customers have changed banks in the past ten years. As customers move towards self-service options and mobile channels, delivering a personalized customer experience takes more than a friendly teller. It takes being available on any channel, at any time, with the information they are looking for.

Leveraging cloud, and hybrid cloud platforms, banking, capital markets, wealth management and other business segments can optimize their contact center, self-service, and mobile customer experience while reducing operating costs, and increasing agent productivity. Here is how you can leverage both inbound and proactive outbound communications.

Self-Service Inbound

Voice is still the #1 preferred channel of interaction for the contact center. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) increases efficiencies, facilitates dynamic interaction with the caller, empowering customers to resolve inquiries quickly and easily.

  • Easily deploy integrated, multichannel customer experience solutions, allowing customers to communicate using the channels they prefer.
  • Gain the flexibility and scalability necessary to handle repetitive calls efficiently, such as calls to check a bank account balance, make a stock trade or wire funds.
  • Capture accurate customer data to provide targeted, customized alerts and messages about new services and account changes for customers.
  • Enable customers to gather information or complete transactions in a time and place that is convenient to them, empowering them to resolve their own inquiries quickly and easily.

Proactive Outbound

Proactively reaching out to customers to communicate relevant information and answer questions before they are asked, reduces inbound inquiries. Send alerts and notifications of time-sensitive information such as card activations, balance status, account changes, and special offers.

  • Increase payments by delivering personalized and relevant reminders and confirmations with the ability to provide a follow-up action, including a customer interaction from a live agent.
  • Accelerate card fraud confirmation, investigation, and resolution through real-time, multichannel proactive communications.
  • Increase loyalty program satisfaction by providing individualized communications that increase customer participation, retention and lifetime value.

With cost-effective self-service IVR and proactive communications solution for your contact center delivered through the cloud, financial organizations can save millions of dollars a year by providing relevant information quicker than a live agent can. To learn more on how to build personal customer relationships while improving your bottom line, register for our webinar On Demand Using Voice to Make Your Customer King.