self-service ivrThis week Genesys announced that our cloud solutions are available in the UK and Ireland allowing organizations of every size to more easily deploy a customer experience strategy in the Cloud. Cheers! The cloud-based solutions include new and improved capabilities such as virtual contact center, mobile marketing, proactive customer communications, speech analytics, workforce optimization, end-to-end analytics and self-service IVR.

They say that timing is everything in life, and the timing could not be better for this announcement, as according to new research by UK contact center industry analyst ContactBabel, the average cost of an IVR self-service session is approximately $1.10 vs. $6.50 (65p vs. £3.87) via a live agent – six times less than a phone call. By simply automating their customer identification and security processes through the IVR, UK businesses could save roughly $5 billion (£3bn) annually.

However, this is hard to do with traditional hardware-based IVR platforms. And, if the IVR script is not built well – if there are too many choices, the script is too long, or it doesn’t offer what the customer is looking for – the cost advantage is lost and customer experience is threatened as frustrated customers attempt to transfer to live service. Customer experience depends on the ability to seamless blend the operational advantages of well-designed self-service IVR with the appropriate use of live service to meet customer expectations.

Steve Morrell, one of the authors of the ContactBabel report said, “While the future of customer contact will involve the extremes of highly-personalized live service on the one hand, and the increasing use of automated systems on the other, we’re seeing that businesses and solution providers are looking to build strong links between automated and live service options to support seamless transitions as required. Self-service can truly be ‘win-win’ for customers as well as businesses.”

A new self-service IVR application that will simplify this integration is the Visual IVR. Using their smart phone, customers can quickly touchscreen their way through the IVR prompts, navigating the visual IVR menu four to five times quicker than a traditional audio IVR menu.  This reduces customer frustration and attempts to leave the IVR for live service while allowing a seamless transfer when an agent is truly needed.  Visual IVR can also be used to enhance the customer experience by delivering educational videos or presentations to the customer for marketing purposes or to answer the self-service requirement.

A cloud-based self-service solution offers a quick and easy path for taking advantage of cost efficiencies while delivering a better customer experience. The self-service solution can be up and running in a matter of days for businesses of any size, and scale with changing business and customer needs.

Being cloud-based provides the business agility to quickly tune customer experience strategies while also mitigating operational risks and lowering capital expenditures. So we agree, Steve – self-service is a “win-win”.

So need for those in the United Kingdom and Ireland to wait a moment longer to see how cloud-based self-service solutions can improve customer experience. The Genesys Premier Edition is now available for a 30-day Free Trial in the UK and Ireland. Request your free trial today!

Mark Turner

Mark Turner

Mark Turner is the executive vice president of global sales and field operations. He is responsible for the company’s global commercial activities, field sales and channel operations. Mark joined Genesys in 2003. Prior to Genesys, Mark served as vice president...