Self-Service IVR SolutionLawsuits have played a major role in American history.  Even school-aged children can name some of the more famous lawsuits that have had a profound impact on our society, such as Roe vs. Wade or Brown vs. the Board of Education Topeka.  They may even know about a case that on the surface might sound ridiculous, but has probably saved quite a few people burning their laps thanks to Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants.

Legal Administration, by contrast, is virtually unknown, encompassing Class Action Administration and Mass Tort (CAAMT), as well as other adjunct areas, such as Settlement Administration. These types of legal actions require a huge amount of paperwork and man-power to keep the large numbers of participants informed, and is actually a very service-heavy legal process.

Bringing Customer Service to Legal Administration

In recent years the Legal Administration market has made great strides in productivity.  The capabilities of Self-Service IVR have been pivotal in this effort.  With IVR solutions, companies are now registering people in class action suits more quickly and efficiently.  And, with outbound IVR, companies can disseminate information more rapidly and provide participants a better overall experience.

For these reasons, there is significant value for companies that provide legal administration services to evaluate their current IVR solution. Some IVR platforms contain the ability to perform both inbound and outbound communications, which are critical for legal administration efficiency. Also, many companies that currently utilize dated, in-house IVRs can quickly benefit from the advantages of moving its IVR solution to the cloud.

When researching cloud alternatives, legal administration businesses should consider a provider that offers on-demand tools with a proven usability. These two strengths can be evaluated by looking a vendor’s ability to quickly deploy IVR applications on-demand, without needing to provision additional capacity or rely on their IT resources to make updates.

The advantages of deploying an on-demand cloud self-service platform include:

  • Point and click IVR flow development tools that allow business-user ownership and control
  • Easy connectivity to any web-service enabled database for dynamic interactions
  • An elastic platform for call volume spikes
  • On-demand access to pre-provisioned phone numbers
  • Robust analytics
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Pay only for what you use

Genesys has a number of current customers in the Legal Administration market who have seen first-hand the benefits of providing a great self-service IVR experience. For example, a financial services company leveraged a Genesys solution for settlement administration, employing a self-service platform to facilitate the process, while stressing call containment and privacy.  For this customer, Genesys provides over 100 phone numbers, as well as a cloud voicemail service that allows customers to leave a message ID when no contact support staff is available.  This Genesys customer handles over 2 million calls each year, so adopting a modern and scalable IVR solution has kept them at the forefront of settlement administration.

If you’d like to learn more on how your business can offer customers an improved ability to self-serve, request a Genesys IVR solution demo today!  You can also download our Genesys IVR Playbook, which can guide you in designing, developing and delivering a best-in-class IVR solution for your business.

Aaron Wellman

Aaron Wellman is the Product Marketing Offer Lead for Self-Service solutions at Genesys. Aaron came to Genesys with the acquisition of Angel in April, 2013 where he had been with the organization for over 10 years. With a background in...