socialIn my previous blog ‘Are you still obsessed with Queue Time?’ I discussed the change the customer service industry is making towards customer-oriented metrics like NPS and CES instead of the self proclaimed proxy-metrics for customer satisfaction like Average handle time and SLA.

While you are all very busy adopting these new metrics, I’d like to point out another paradigm shift you need to be aware of if you are a customer service professional.

It’s about the Touch Point Explosion.

All though the industry has been talking about ‘multi channel customer service and ‘Universal Queues’ for over 10 years, the underlying driver, the adoption of new channels, has never been more relevant than today.

The reason why it’s more relevant is simple. The channels being adopted today are different compared to the early e-channels like email and chat. They are social.

So what? It means you are no longer in control of your brand. Facebook and Twitter are.

The problem is that it could affect your other channels. And because all these channels are available from this one little device that is probably always within a one meter radius (that’s about 39 inch for my non-metric friends), customers can switch from one channel to the other within a few seconds.

There is potential for what I call ‘customer satisfaction multi channel erosion’. In other words, the more channels you offer, the more challenging it becomes to offer a consistent customer experience:

Are you ready for the Touch Point Explosion2

When implementing new channels and selecting contact center solutions to support these channels, it’s important to realize that the perceived customer satisfaction & loyalty could be different per channel.

You might argue that since some of these channels have such low volume, why should you integrate them in to your contact center solution?

It is still worth investing in an integrated solution as customer experience gone wrong might backfire on your other channels with a ‘Service Storm’ as a result.

In Customer Experience, Consistency is King!

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Stefan Captijn

Stefan Captijn

Stefan is Senior Director Strategic Marketing at Genesys. Stefan joined Genesys in April 2000, lives in the Amsterdam area with his wife and two children. In his free time, Stefan enjoys building loudspeakers, cycling and running.