Speech Analytics“This call may be monitored for Quality Monitoring purposes”. Your organization probably announces that fact to every person who calls your Customer Service number. As a customer I don’t even notice it anymore because every company says it these days. However, since I’ve been working in the contact center industry I’ve started to notice that announcement more and to think about the specific words we choose to use in that announcement. Having given it more thought, I realize that the operative word is “may”—“this call may be monitored”, which of course implies that it may not be monitored…

Since most contact centers only actually monitor about one percent of their total calls, if we decided to be up-front about the facts of the matter, that announcement might say “We monitor one of every 100 calls for Quality Monitoring purposes”.  Of course we wouldn’t actually say that as it wouldn’t give our customers much confidence in the customer experience they are about to receive!

Luckily, in the last few years Speech Analytics software has matured to the point of being reliable enough to automatically monitor every conversation that occurs in your contact center. As a result, in the near future organizations like yours may choose to change the announcement made to every person who calls your customer service number to say something like “This call will be analyzed to continuously improve the customer experience we provide to our customers” instead.

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