speech and text analyticsEver had dinner in a restaurant that was way too noisy? All these people talking, knives and forks clanging and perhaps some ‘background music’ to add to the festival of decibels.

If you are like me I find it hard to concentrate on the conversation happening at my very own table. I get some garbled versions of what people say and all I want is to finish my meal and find a better place to continue the conversation.

Sound familiar? Funny enough, if you were able to put a stethoscope to your call center you would hear almost the same garbled voices.

To get a better understanding of what your customers are saying and how your employees are delivering a carefully designed customer experience, many have turned to call recording practices. You record a percentage of calls, hire a number of quality assurance (QA) employees, design your quality process, and score your employees against a pre-set questionnaire.

There are three issues with this approach:

  1. Your sample size is too small – you are probably not recording all of your calls and if you are, you are very likely not listening to and scoring all of them. Typically companies analyze about 5% of calls.
  2. It is time consuming and costly – even listening to 5% of calls takes you a good amount of time and number of people to accomplish. This is 100% overhead to your budget.
  3. You are only covering voice – in a world where social and digital channels are a growing part of your total number of interactions, you are not getting the full picture.

But, there is a solution. Speech and Text analytics capabilities have developed and matured into solutions that can alleviate these problems. By feeding all of your recorded calls and text based interactions through an Interaction analytics engine, you can get the full picture of what your customers are ‘saying’ to your employees and vice-versa. You can spot trends, understand emotions during these conversations, drastically increase the effectiveness interactions, and reduce the ongoing cost of your QA processes.

To learn more about how Speech Analytics can improve contact center performance, download our whitepaper “Revolutionizing Contact Center Quality Management with Speech Analytics“.

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Stefan Captijn

Stefan Captijn

Stefan is Senior Director Strategic Marketing at Genesys. Stefan joined Genesys in April 2000, lives in the Amsterdam area with his wife and two children. In his free time, Stefan enjoys building loudspeakers, cycling and running.