customer engagementWhile I often go for a run to clear my head, this week I headed straight for the yoga studio. But rather than clearing my head, yoga class proved to have the opposite effect. There’s something about being in a quiet space and being surrounded by about twenty or so strangers that infuses my brain with fresh ideas.

Rather than focusing on my balance and inner peace (like a good yogi), I had an “aha” moment, connecting yoga with customer engagement. Bridging the gap between the two doesn’t take as much imagination as you might think! Below are a few similarities that come to mind:

  1. Yoga moves from the simple to the complex. The more advanced you get with yoga, the more skills are required to do complex poses. In turn, the more advanced your customer engagement needs get, like adding new channels or moving to the cloud, the more you need an all-in-one platform to meet rising demands. Adjusting to meet specific needs works in yoga, and in your contact center.
  2. Get guidance to stay aligned. In a yoga class, the instructor monitors activities and can step in to make adjustments if necessary. While intelligent scripting enables automated IVR or SMS interactions, an agent can help realign a customer conversation when and if necessary to keep it on track to success.
  3. Flexibility is key. With multi-channel technology, customer interactions can start on one channel (perhaps SMS for a proactive outbound fraud alert), and transition to a different channel to disclose sensitive data (such as a URL to a personalized micro site). Just as I flow from Utkatasana down into Chaturanga, a customer can seamlessly move between one, two, or three communication channels in one conversation.
  4. Campaign measurement and analysis ensure that communication programs adapt to achieve the best results. The contact center workforce is like your inner core, which needs to be strong, creating a solid balance, and the ability to achieve the most difficult poses with more grace and ease – it’s all about having the right skills at the right time.

Just as I selected Samara Yoga as my trusted yoga studio because they offer an assortment of classes designed around me, companies looking to deliver true customer engagement today need to provide an experience around the customer – with choice of channels and backed by empowered people.

Learn more about reaching your cloud nirvana, watch our on-demand webinar: Cloud-based Contact Center – Is it right for you?