contact centerSummer has always been my favorite season as it’s a great time to be with friends and family and hopefully, get some time away from work. If you’re like me, it always amazes me how fast August and September go. Before you know it, October and the start of the holiday season is here. Imagining how fast this would be for a business owner, I doubt that planning your business and contact center strategy for the upcoming retail holiday season while lying on the beach is high on your priorities, right?

Early Bird Gets the Revenue

What would you say if I told you that the National Retail Federation (NRF) expects a continued increase from U.S. consumer holiday spending to grow to over $616 billion? The result is an opportunity for your business to make anywhere from 20-40% of your annual revenue during the holidays. This is a significant opportunity for retailers and service providers to have a huge impact on their business in a very short period of time—that’s why it’s key to be proactive and plan now before the rush!

Learn How to Prepare for a Stress-Free Holiday Retail Season

A strong customer experience (CX) strategy can be a key element in winning over customers this holiday season. To do that, choosing the right cloud contact center solution and getting it deployed quickly is a great way to ensure happy holidays and happy customers. Learn more tips on how a cloud contact center and early planning can help offset any holiday anxiety by view Genesys webinar and demo, Is Your Call Center Ready for the 2015 Holiday Rush? on, where we discuss methods on how to improve customer experience and revenue by:

You know what it’s like to head into fall with the same tools but tougher holiday revenue targets to hit. Set yourself up for success this year with an updated cloud contact center that will help you and your teams deliver. You can enjoy your BBQs and swim parties even more because you’ll be prepared for the busy season!

Watch our webinar and demo, Is Your Call Center Ready for the 2015 Holiday Rush?  to learn how you can modernize your call center and be ready for the season!