walls of the customer journeyDo you remember where you were in November of 1989? Throughout Berlin this past week, thousands celebrated the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. I can vividly remember the television stories of one of the most historical transformations in history.

In a WSJ article, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the fall of the Berlin Wall proof that dreams could come true during a ceremony to mark the anniversary. She stated that its collapse offered hope to regions where “freedom and human rights are threatened or even trampled on.”

A little closer to home, another transformational shift in the last 25 Years, according to Jason Andersson, Research Manager at IDC, is the one that the ICT industry currently is in. He states that once every 20–25 years a shift to a new technology platform for growth and innovation occurs. IDC calls this the 3rd Platform. Its growth is built on mobile devices and apps, cloud services, mobile broadband networks, big data analytics, and social technologies. IDC predicts 2014 as a year of escalation, consolidation, and innovation as the transition to IT’s 3rd Platform accelerates.

The speed at which we are seeing the market changes on the 3rd Platform calls for transformation in how customer service is delivered.   Most companies are still organizing their customer engagement across touch points in silos with very little understanding of the full end-to-end customer journey. Their main insights  typically revolve around the segments that are controlled by the individual departments.

The need to tear down the organizational walls that restrict building services across an omnichannel platform that are consistent in their availability and proactive in their approach is becoming increasingly important.

If you’d like to learn more on this groundbreaking transition, check out this white paper from IDC titled, Journey to 3rd Platform Digital Customer Experience. You’ll learn the steps being taken by leading-edge customer service organizations and get vital suggestions for a successful move into digital customer service on the 3rd Platform. Get it here now!