digital channels Multi-Device-AgentsDespite offering digital channels to insurance customers, it’s the traditional personal touch that still matters the most, according to a new study from Cap Gemini SA and Efma.  Yet, it’s all about choice, the study says, and insurers need to make themselves available to their customers across all channels — simultaneously and with full visibility — to enable personalized and next generation omnichannel customer engagement.

According to the global study, which surveyed more than 15,500 respondents across thirty countries in five regions of the world, customers still prefer in-person agent experiences over digital channels despite usage levels of these channels increasing. See the complete infographic of the report for more information.



Extending Personalization to All Channels Via Omnichannel

For many insurance companies, it can be a real challenge to extend that traditional human touch by local insurance agents to remote agents in the contact center, this is especially true of agents supporting digital channels.

The good news is that companies have more and more easy-to-deploy contact center solutions now available to increase personalization and intimacy, while incorporating the cost-savings of digital transactions.

  • Click-to-chat can instantly initiate a personal interaction with an agent at exactly the moment that a customer (or potential customer) is struggling on the website.
  • Co-browse enables remote agents to browse the web with customers, while simultaneously talking to them on the phone or over the Internet.
  • Proactive communications, while historically problematic for insurers who traditionally are only contacted when their customers are under duress, enables agents to proactively reach out to customers in the middle of a natural disaster.
  • Virtual call routing makes it possible for high-value customers to reach an agent regardless of their location, and skills-based routing within the contact center can ensure that the call is picked up by someone with deep knowledge of the service and customer in question.

“Falling positive customer experience ratings coupled with a growing number of market disruptors… require insurers take steps to become fully customer centric or risk losing their customer base competitors and new entrants,” said Jean Lassignardi, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Capgemini Global Financial Services.

The report also says, “Insurers of the Future will need to fully blend agent-guided, high-value engagements with digital transactions via mobile and social media [digital channels].”

We couldn’t agree more!

For more on omnichannel customer engagement for insurance, download our white paper, Taking Insurance Customer Experience to the Next Level.