tornado lighting storm Mission Critical Contact Centers Need to be Available 

Natural disasters are unavoidable, and being prepared to deal with them is critical if we are to ensure the maximum success of saving lives and bringing aid to those who need it. Investing in a cloud-based infrastructure is one way to mitigate a natural disaster. This is especially true for contact centers to ensure a reliable and speedy disaster recovery. Why so? Because contact centers become the hub of communications following a natural disaster. From fielding first response emergency calls to responding to insurance claim requests, mission critical contact centers need to be available to respond.

Designed to Continue to Operate When Natural Disaster Strikes

Because a hosted contact center infrastructure is designed from the ground up as a highly available solution, with redundancy built in within a data center as well as across geographically dispersed data centers, the solution will continue to operate when a regional natural disaster strikes. And because hosted contact center solutions can virtualize agents located practically anywhere, the temporary unavailability of one or more contact center sites impacted by the natural disaster allows these agents to log in remotely from other locations to take calls  or allow for the on demand on-boarding of outsourced agents to handle excess traffic. In the end, making sure the contact center continues to operate despite major disruptions will ensure that they remain always available to handle critical calls and respond quickly to callers affected by a natural disaster.

A hosted contact center is the best way to accomplish this objective, and to do so cost effectively.

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