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In the spirit of the official start to the holiday shopping season, we at Genesys want to make sure you don’t miss any of our doorbusters on customer experience information! Okay, maybe this information isn’t going to make you wait on line at 4am outside a store, or refresh your browser to check updates on quantities. But we are always in stock of the BEST customer experience thought leadership out there, to make your contact center and customer engagement strategies successful during the holiday season and all year round!

Below are highlights of customer videos, webinars, white papers, and blogs that focus on retailers who have followed up on abandoned carts, been more proactive with customer communications, reduced call hold times, kept customers safe from credit card fraud, increased customer loyalty, kept a happy workforce, and increased revenue.

Is Your Call Center Ready for the 2015 Holiday Rush?

As a contact center manager, you know that the budget approval and planning process is typically lengthy.  But thanks to the fast cloud deployment capabilities of Premier Edition, summer is ideal for ramping up your call center resources and training so you can offer the best customer experience in time for the holiday blitz. Watch the webinar to learn how you can modernize your call center in time for the busy shopping season.

For Marks & Spencer, CX Has Always Been In Style

When a retailer takes customer experience to heart, they understand what it takes to keep customers happy and loyal in order to build a high-value brand that will see them through to the next century. And that is exactly what Marks & Spencer, a 130-year old British multi-national retailer specializing in home products, clothing, and luxury food items, has done. Read their story of how they moved to an omnichannel contact center right before the holidays!

Improve Online Sales With Proactive Customer Engagement

Did you realize that even with over a trillion dollars in online sales, there is still a lot of money to be made, as the conversion rate of sales from online traffic is still low?  In fact, according to Monetate Ecommerce Quarterly, sales conversions on online websites are as low as 1.17%, on average, globally. This leads me to some questions for retailers, along with solutions they need to reduce shopping cart abandonment. To use an eCommerce pun, check out my questions and solutions. Read the blog here. 

Don’t be Scared of the Holidays! 3 Ways to Add Mobile to your Retail Marketing

Don’t be scared if you don’t have a mobile marketing program in place. Adding mobile into all other channels such as TV, print, online, in-store signage, and POS representatives, can be quick and easy.  Check out three quick-to-deploy mobile marketing and proactive customer communications campaigns for the holiday season. Read the blog here. 

Stop Your Call Center From Being An Accessory To Crime!

According to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards, companies of all sizes that process, transmit, or store credit card data must comply or potentially face steep fines that range anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000 per month for PCI compliance violations. Find out how to make sure your call center is PCI compliant so that you can focus on delivering top-notch customer service without worries of losing customer trust or facing stiff fines. Watch this webinar hosted by Ziff Davis today. 

Snow Happens! 5 Tips for Your Seasonal Agent Team

For many companies, the holiday season drives a lot of business, often leading to a fantastic increase in product sales, installs and payments. Yet, the holiday season can also present a huge challenge when it comes to balancing your agent workloads. To handle the seasonal spike in holiday business, you’ve probably hired seasonal agents to add to your regular contact center teams. Whether your business goes up or your contact center goes down, read the five tips to optimize your investment in seasonal agents this holiday season.

Lessons from a 3-year Customer Experience Journey: Total Wine & More

Total Wine & More, a fast-growing “bricks and clicks” retailer will discuss how their unrelenting focus on the “connected” customer is guiding their customer service strategy. Consumer research from Execs in the Know will also be shared, providing insight into customers’ high expectations for effortless interactions. Hear from John Jordan, Chief Customer Officer, Total Wine & More, Chad McDaniel, President, Execs in the Know, and Dave Rennyson, EVP & GM Cloud, Genesys to see how Total Wine & More learned to successfully service connected customers. Watch the webinar on demand today! 

Lessons from Amazon: Jump Start Your Customer Experience with Proactive Communications

Welcome to the new world of proactive communications, where companies proactively provide a vital service to their customers. It’s a world where we as consumers expect to be kept informed. Proactive notifications on email, IVR, mobile app, or text save us time. They remind us to set up appointments, and then keep us from missing them. They alert us to availability of products and services we need, to potential fraudulent use of our credit cards, service outages, and impending bad weather. Read how proactive communications has been a key to Amazon’s success and can be for your organization too! 

iBeacon Engages Mobile Customers in a Whole New Way

The innovation heating up in the mobile world is the micro-location technology of Apple’s iBeacon. Last week Fortune wrote how iBeacon is the turning point for mobile engagement. And with US retailers like Macy’s, Best Buy, Target, J.C. Penney and Kmart all looking to get in on location-based message marketing, there will be no shortage of news about how iBeacon messaging will enhance the mobile customer experience. Read more about how iBeacons can  engage with your customers like never before. 

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