Top Contact Center & Customer Experience WebinarsAs we bring 2014 to a close, it’s a good time to reflect and catch up on those things you meant to do, but just never found the time. Read a good book. Catch up on your TV shows. Or maybe watch a webinar in an area you wanted to learn more about. At Genesys, we conducted more than 75 webinars on a range of customer experience topics, including contact center odernization, the cloud, omnichannel, and workforce optimization. We worked with our own internal experts, partners and customers, as well as leading analysts from Altimeter Group, Forrester, Frost & Sullivan, IDC and DMG Consulting.

Below are our top 10 webinars from 2014 – all available on-demand for your viewing pleasure. With lighter then normal schedules for many of us, take some “me” time and take in a webinar. Learn about best practices, the latest innovations and trends, and see success in-action so you can hit the ground running in 2015!

Engage Your Customers Their Way—Why the Cloud is Key to Effortless CX

Today’s customer is highly mobile and has serious time constraints. As a result, it’s your job to handle customers quickly, efficiently and accurately, regardless of whether they choose to interact with you via phone, social media, email, or text. Learn how a cloud-based contact center helps you respond rapidly and appropriately to your customer requests, through any channel.

Watch our webinar featuring Art Schoeller of Forrester Research and differentiate your brand with new channels and innovative customer conversations today!

Cloud, On-Premises or Hybrid? What are the Top Five Considerations When Choosing Your Contact Center Solution

Organizations looking to modernize and differentiate their contact centers have three major deployment options to consider when introducing new capabilities: on-premises, in the Cloud, or a hybrid solution.

This webinar will take you through the top five considerations so you can choose the right deployment model for your contact center.

View the complementing blog and white paper on choosing a contact center!

Zen and the Art of Multichannel Customer Experience

Genesys has partnered with Zendesk to integrate its Premier Edition Cloud Contact Center solution with the Zendesk platform. The Genesys – Zendesk integration can help you deliver a sophisticated, multichannel contact center for up to 250 agents while creating a ‘Zen-like’ experience for your users.

See a DEMO of the Genesys – Zendesk integration in this webinar featuring Steven Larsen from Zendesk. You can also read the Q&A from the webinar in our blog right here!

The Next Battleground for Mid-Size Businesses – Multi-Channel Customer Experience

Today, the last interaction a customer had with your company defines your brand for them. Disconnected channels, each an island of engagement, erode brand experience. Frost & Sullivan research shows that to succeed in their efforts, companies must prioritize key strategies, consider operational needs, and deploy enabling technologies that will help deliver a seamless multichannel customer experience.

Don’t lose the battle – learn how to win in the age of customer experience. Watch this webinar featuring Melanie Turek from Frost & Sullivan today!

Top 5 Pitfalls Retailers Need to Avoid to Ensure Their Self-Service IVR is Optimized 

In the highly competitive retail market, businesses who engage with consumers effectively through self-service can get an edge on their competition. Ensure your self-service IVR system is optimized to simultaneously increase customer loyalty and gain market share.

Learn five best practices when implementing self-service to engage with retail consumers – view the on-demand webinar here.

Delivering Proven Speech Analytics for Collections 

When it comes to reviewing customer interactions to drive better business outcomes, the process can often be labor-intensive, which leads to decreased agent productivity and company revenue. This is never more evident with those businesses engaged in first-party or third-party collections that rely upon old speech-to-text or phonetic conversion engines. This outmoded technology can lead to many oversights of customer meaning, and potentially lead to compliance violations.

Learn how speech analytics is redefining the collections industry – see it here.

Proactive Care Using Multichannel Customer Notifications

Consumers today want more information from the companies they trust and they have an expectation of receiving these communications in a personalized manner over their preferred channels at the right time.  The need to increase customer loyalty and retain customers while controlling costs is vital to your organization’s success.

Watch this webinar to learn key takeaways and best practices to maximize your customer experience efforts.

The Top Five Technologies to Engage the Mobile Shopper of Today and Tomorrow 

The mobile channel continues to have a huge impact on the retail market. Join Genesys and Jeff Cotrupe, Industry Director, Big Data & Analytics at Frost and Sullivan to learn more on understanding the powerful connection between smartphones and smart shoppers.

Watch this webinar today!

Why Mobile Should Be at the Core of Your Omnichannel Personalization Strategy

Website, in-store, email, social…you’ve think you’ve got your bases covered for an omnichannel marketing strategy. But are you taking advantage of everything that the mobile phone offers in the way of a personalization and marketing channel?

Learn in this webinar how to reduce customer effort, improving the customer interaction, and enabling your business to tailor the customer journey.

Implementing Workforce Optimization Solutions from Your Contact Center Vendor

The benefits of using seamlessly integrated contact center infrastructure (ACD and dialer) and a Workforce Optimization suite are tangible. Watch this webinar featuring Donna Fluss, DMG Consulting now to gain actionable insights about the potential synergies and benefits when combining WFO and contact center routing from one vendor.

Read more from Donna Fluss in her guest blog, 8 Criteria For A True Workforce Optimization Suite.

Top 10 Strategies for Modernizing Workforce Optimization

With over 74% of customers using three or more channels to communicate with your company, the urgency for a modernized Workforce Optimization strategy is real. Learn the top ten modernization opportunities for contact center workforce optimization to keep ahead of the curve and continue delivering excellent customer experiences.

Watch this on-demand webinar today!

Critical Requirements for Building a Future-Ready Contact Center

Today, customers expect the agent who answers their call to know they¹ve already sent an email and engaged in web chat. Is your contact center infrastructure flexible enough to deliver an omnichannel customer experience?

Learn in this webinar the five critical requirements for building a future-ready contact center and how meeting these requirements will improve customer experience and reduce operating costs!

The Human Face of Customer Experience Technology: Hear the Michigan Office of Child Support Success Story

Learn how State of Michigan Office of Child Support (OCS) was able to increase productivity and FCR resulting in happier and more satisfied employees and customers.  For OCS the rewards go beyond quantifiable efficiencies. People in need are getting help faster.  This is a rare example of the human face of technology.

Hear the State of Michigan Office of Child Support (OCS) story of success in this webinar!

The Digital Customer Experience (CX) Imperative: Industry Expert Brian Solis Reveals Why Digital CX is Key to the Future of Business

Investing in customer experience (CX) can be a competitive advantage and it starts with setting a vision for what the CX could be compared to what it is today. Closing this gap immediately is your CX imperative.

In this webinar hear Brian Solis, a digital analyst and futurist, identify the gaps and close the loop in digital transformation.

The Three Game Changers for Mobile Customer Experience

Research shows that most of consumers’ time on a mobile phone (60% in the US) is spent interacting with applications. Mobile customer engagement is a huge opportunity for businesses. The more relevant companies can make themselves to customers, the better chance they have to cultivate relationships and grow sales.

Check out the webinar featuring Sheryl Kingstone from the 451 Research Mobility Team.

How to Map Your Customer Journey to Deliver an Effortless Multi-channel Customer Experience 

The key to successful customer experiences lies in mapping your customers’ journey to deliver an effortless multichannel customer experience. Journey mapping or service design is a methodology to create the service based on documented customer needs that are user-friendly, low effort and relevant.

View this webinar featuring Jason Andersson from IDC to start your 2015 off with the ability to understand customer behavior, needs and motivations!

You can also read our blog on customer journey, Tearing Down The Walls Of The Customer Journey.

Make sure to keep up on upcoming webinars in 2015 on our website.

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Rachael Royds

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