Wine_and_More_Holiday_Featured-ImageIn case you missed it, last week we profiled Genesys Cloud customer Total Wine & More in a webinar titled, Lessons Learned on a 3 year Customer Experience Journey. As the largest independent retailer of wine, spirits, and beer in the U.S., this fast-growing “bricks and clicks” retailer shared unique insight on their balanced customer experience strategy for both in-store and online purchases. 

The Customer Experience Journey Started Here

Total Wine & More prides itself on an exceptional buying experience for their customers, providing a consistent and effortless experience for every transaction, location, and device. Retail is a highly competitive industry, and the holiday season is especially busy for last-minute gifts. As we know, e-commerce and m-commerce is a booming channel for retail.

To continue to achieve a high-level of customer service, Total Wine & More needed a simple, but powerful customer experience platform that could help them serve, inform, track, and deliver products via multi-channel customer interactions. In order to meet future growth goals and quickly adapt to the huge influx of business and customer interactions, it decided to go with a cloud-based contact center platform.

How They Did It

In their initial deployment of voice, email, and analytics, the participating teams transformed their customer experience journey goals as follows:

  • Customer Care – Responded to inquiries faster with call and email preview capabilities for a more personalized customer experience.
  • Marketing & Sales – Tracked buying patterns for their sales and marketing associates, using the data for targeted customer loyalty programs.
  • Executive Team – Integrated cross-channel reports that provide meaningful insight on the KPIs needed for running a successful business.

See the Poll Results and Webinar Here!

During the Total Wine & More webinar, we asked attendees how they will be purchasing gifts this holiday season and the results below are right in line with the latest e-commerce trends with 63% stating that online purchases were their preferred method for holiday purchases. The number two response was visiting online first to compare products/pricing, and then visiting a brick and mortar store to make the purchase – also known as webrooming.

Genesys Webinar Poll

What’s Next?

Total Wine & More will continue to focus on evolving its technology and adding new channels to make their customer experiences better. In the coming year, Total Wine & More is not only planning to revamp their website, but also its apps, email management, and voice capabilities, which are also necessary to match an optimal online customer experience with the superior service customers get at the stores!

To learn more, view the webinar from Total Wine & More, facilitated by Execs in the Know. You can see it here.