contact centerPeople have always been fascinated with technology predictions as they reveal possible outcomes and the promise of a better tomorrow. In the 1950’s – after the global devastation and upheaval caused by World War II – optimism about the future was unexpectedly high. The war was a catalyst to accelerate technology and scale manufacturing capabilities far beyond anything previously known. Industry shifted gears to mass produce cars and other consumer products in abundance. This mass production helped drive down manufacturing costs that were eventually passed on to the consumer – quickly giving the average man on the street access to goods and services previously considered a luxury.

In the early 1950s, the concept of the “American Dream” was starting to grow up and the possibilities for the future seemed limitless. Optimism and accelerating technology innovation was quickly seized upon by pundits who wildly predicted how we would live, shop, and travel effortlessly in the future – with vivid and compelling imagery to sell each dream. Everything from living in orbiting space stations, housekeeping with nuclear powered vacuum cleaners, and commuting to work with a personal jet pack or flying car – were all covered in fascinating detail. And all were backed by the promise of an effortless future through technology by the year 2000.

Creating the Future of an Effortless Customer Experience

Fast forward to the 21st century – and while we’re not all traveling in a flying car just yet, many other predictions are fast becoming fact. Thanks in part to the Internet, product innovation, collaboration and development initiatives today are moving at an astounding pace.

Ultramodernize Your Contact CenterInternet access gives consumers more knowledge about a company and each competitor’s products, services and prices than ever before. And with access to multiple channels of communication, people can easily tap into an almost limitless audience of like minded consumers ready to offer their own personal opinions and recommendations about your company, products or services. Good or bad, the voice of the customer wealds great and often terrifying power.

Due to ever increasing competition and increased consumer spending power, the value of the individual customer to a company has never been more sought after or held in such high regard. With projected global consumer confidence reaching an all time high in 2014, companies are looking to increase revenue and growth but are struggling to find product line differentiation, and offer service and support distinction. Your company may have nailed new product features and created a seamless purchasing experience today, but the battlefield for tomorrow’s customers will be won and lost in the Contact Center. A company’s only differentiation today is quickly becoming the experience a customer receives when communicating directly with the company itself, and the consumer effort involved.

As a contact center architect or customer experience manager, you need to make solid predictions and invest in what works best for you and your customers. That means keeping pace with customer trends, market demands, new channels of communication, and above all, predicting what new technologies and trends will keep you light-years ahead of the competition, helping to deliver the ultimate in effortless customer experiences. In 2014, Proactive Web Engagement, Co-Browse, WebRTC and Mobile Engagement may be some of the technologies you could foresee to ultra modernize your contact center.

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