speech analyticsYour organization literally has hundreds of thousands of conversations with your customers and prospects every day, engaging with them for a variety of reasons. Day in and day out, your customers voice their needs, satisfaction, feelings and frustration, and your agents use their customer service or sales skills in response. But, what happens when your agents do not have the skills needed for a successful outcome – are you taking action to correct it?


Keeping up with the high volume of customer interactions

Virtually every contact center has the tools to evaluate the number of incoming or outbound calls, average call durations, and transactions completed by agents. While these are all useful metrics, they do not measure the customer’s emotions, needs, or concerns, nor do they address the agent’s skill usage during the interaction.  Similarly, your organization has a process in place to determine the reason for every customer contact, but this process normally requires your agents to select from a pre-determined list of expected reasons, and only a single selection can normally be made – even though many topics are always discussed during every interaction with your customers.

At the same time, today’s contact center supervisors and quality analysts manually listen to as many calls as they can. But, their time is valuable, and with the ever increasing volume of interactions, it’s simply not feasible nor affordable for them to manually review more than 5% of the calls occurring within your contact center. In fact, 2% is the average amount of calls monitored across the industry.  Other types of interactions, such as chat, email and/or social media, are usually handled by separate systems and departments, and are evaluated in isolation. To have a complete understanding of every conversation across all channels of interaction, you would need hundreds and hundreds of evaluators – each of them with their own opinions, which might lead to costly and confusing subjectivity.

Why not consider a solution that would enable not only an objective business evaluation, but also the strategic categorization and prioritization of 100% of those conversations based on your key business goals? Genesys Interaction Analytics does just that by unifying our industry-leading speech analytics and text analytics capabilities, enabling your organization to:

  • Accurately evaluate all interactions across every contact channel, including voice, email, web, social, and mobile
  • Identify why customers are contacting you and which areas agents need additional training and coaching on – in real-time.
  • Discover emerging trends and unexpected events and take actions based on business rules and priorities.

With speech analytics, you can unleash the power of great CX by continuously optimizing workforce performance. Learn more today!