Currency gold symbols in a man handDoes your contact center solution support your current business needs and position your contact center for long-term growth? There are many considerations when you’re juggling financial objectives, escalating customer expectations, and rapidly evolving technologies. With several contact center solution providers’ futures in question and customer journeys becoming increasingly complex, taking a wait and see approach with your contact center infrastructure may be a strategy that’s penny wise, yet pound foolish.

When there are multi-faceted decisions affecting the current and future success of your contact center, a few questions can help clarify if you’re heading down the right path.

How future-proof is your system?
Another way to ask this question is: does your contact center support omnichannel customer engagement? If not, your infrastructure is likely outdated and may already be a hindrance to providing a great customer experience (CX). Contact center modernization isn’t just a vision for the future. It’s an immediate need to deliver the CX required now to sustain competitiveness and be prepared for tomorrow. Without a unified single platform that interoperates with all of your systems and channels to deliver a true system of engagement, you’re likely creating fragmented customer journeys and significant IT challenges. It may be time to break the status quo with a platform decision to optimize customer engagement across your existing self- and assisted-service channels, and future-proof your contact center as it continues to evolve.

What are the current and future costs to maintain your existing system?
Along with an inability to support customers’ increasingly complex journeys, an aging contact center system has ongoing infrastructure maintenance and upgrade costs that will continue to rise. It’s also important to calculate the time IT is devoting to custom integration work to connect channels to engagement systems. Once you’ve determined the true cost of keeping your existing system infrastructure, you’ll likely find it to be significantly higher than investing in a new solution that also delivers the additional benefits of increasing revenue and better business outcomes.

What are the economic benefits of moving to the cloud?
To determine the savings of moving to the cloud, you’ll want to first add both the obvious and hidden costs of maintaining an on-premises solution. This includes hardware, software integrations, utilities, maintenance, upgrades, staffing, and real estate. Don’t forget to add disaster recovery and the unexpected cost of an outage. Now, compare these costs to more predictable, recurring expenses that come with a cloud-based contact center solution.

What is the payback period and ROI of upgrading to a system that supports omnichannel customer engagement?
According to the Forrester Total Economic Impact ™ (TEI) study, which evaluated the experiences of Genesys customers that made the switch to the Genesys Omnichannel Engagement Center solution, the average payback period is 12.8 months with an average of a 158% return on investment (ROI) across contact center operations. Find out your specific ROI and benefits using our online ROI calculator.

Can your current contact center solution provider offer the ongoing support and innovation required to achieve your goals and objectives?
This may be the most important question of all! When you consider the importance of your contact center operations, working with a vendor that is facing an uncertain future is unwise. A solution provider that shows a track record for success, innovation, and financial stability will be better positioned to support your growth, and keep you one step ahead of your competition.

The Importance of Choosing an Industry Leader
At Genesys, we’re proud to be an industry leader that is helping provide both stability and the most advanced CX solutions for our growing list of customers. Through our dedication to innovation, we are helping businesses strengthen their present service levels and sustain a long-term competitive advantage.

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Nick Gerostathos

Nick Gerostathos

Nick Gerostathos is the Interim Chief Financial Officer and CAO at Genesys. He is responsible for the global finance, field operations and tax organizations. Nick has over 24 years of financial and operational experience working with high growth public and...