User Experience TestingIn a recent survey released by e-consultancy showed that 45% of companies are not conducting User Experience testing. 50% claimed budgetary reasons for the lack of UX testing.

In the retail industry, this is a costly mistake. A study by Brand Prefect of UK consumers found the following:

  • The number one reason, for site abandonment and coming in at 67% is slow websites
  • The second reason for shopping cart abandonment is difficult navigation or problems finding a product at 50%
  • Too many steps when trying to purchase a good scored 40%
  • Not being able to identify the right size was at 36%
  • 54% would drop out if they experience technical problems

The lack of running a UX testing can lead to these scores. On February 12th, my colleague Stefan Captijn held a webinar on Aligning Contact Center Metrics with Your Customer Experience Strategy where he discussed the 3 metrics that customers are using today to gauge their customer loyalty and experience scores – the Customer Experience Score, The Customer Effort Score and NPS. No matter which metrics you are using today, and in which channel, what the above data is showing, UX testing should be part of every implementation as your customers speak with their wallets. Once a shopping cart has been abandoned, the customer has been impacted by a poor experience and your brand has been tarnished.