virtual contact centerWe recently celebrated the 1-year anniversary of the acquisition of Angel by Genesys. It’s been an exciting year for virtual contact centers and the CX industry in general, and the combination of Genesys and Angel is proving to be a major disrupter in the market for cloud solutions. In fact, the Genesys cloud-based solutions business grew by more than 20% in 2013, on top of 15% growth for the overall Genesys business. Genesys is more strongly positioned in the cloud than ever and we continue to develop and launch powerful solutions in the cloud to more and more companies of all sizes.

A key development in 2013 was the launch of our complete set of cloud offerings. Our Cloud offerings include Contact Center, Voice Self-Service, Proactive Customer Communications, Mobile Marketing and Workforce Optimization solutions – all leveraging the Genesys Customer Experience Platform.

For the Genesys Premier Edition, we combined the leading Genesys cloud-based self-service interactive voice response platform (bolstered through the investment) with its award winning contact center solutions. For companies with up to 250 seats, using the Premier Edition cloud-based Virtual Call Center helps you deploy the solution quickly, running it with minimal IT involvement, no capital investment and low operating costs.

Bringing the Genesys IVR platform into the Angel CX Builder and CX Analytics environments gives our customers an innovative set of tools and processes that fundamentally change the way in which self-service applications are designed, deployed, and optimized – all from the cloud. Take a closer look at what they can provide you:

  • CX Builder – A point-and-click, web-based flow builder that empowers the business user to instantly create and maintain inbound and outbound multi-channel self-service applications. Out-of-the-box CRM and simple REST APIs for additional back-end data integrations deliver highly personalized calling experiences for customers.
  • CX Analytics – Integrated business intelligence (BI) analytics used to track automation and user experience enable monitoring and improvement of the overall health of deployed IVR applications on the fly. Drillable analytics enable business insights to be validated with real call examples, which leads to better understanding what actions can be taken to improve the caller experience.

The combination of the best-in-class Genesys IVR platform, CX Builder, and CX Analytics changes the game for cloud contact center solutions and makes it easy for our customers to build great experiences for their customers across all touchpoints, channels, and interactions. Further capabilities include: pre-built IVR applications for major verticals, call recording with encryption, speech analytics, voice biometrics, ASR and TTS in over 40 languages available, plus natural language processing.

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