proactive communicationWith the rapid and continuing growth of smartphones and tablets as computing devices combined with mobile networks becoming faster and more reliable, customers are seeking more convenient ways to communicate with companies they do business with. Regardless of the device they use or their location. These choices include using applications such as native and web messaging and being able to speak with an agent from any device. With WebRTC, real-time communication can occur anytime, anywhere, and using any device without any special software or hardware. WebRTC is the answer to providing synchronized media through all different web browsers or web-based applications.

WebRTC Defined

What is WebRTC? WebRTC is a standard in progress being managed through the W3C’s Web Real-Time Communications Working Group. The main goal is to allow any web browser or web application to support synchronous voice, otherwise known as a “call,” or video without requiring a customized plug-in, as the communication exists within the framework of HTML5. WebRTC also allows for tighter integration with contextual interaction data. Therefore, real time interactions can occur with prior context collected, via the web or native application, and be instantly available to the agent. Invitations to connect in real time can be made by the application based on a simple interaction versus using plugins.

More Convenient for Users to Communicate with a Contact Center

In contrast to WebRTC, current technology requires initiating multiple calls and working through the unreliable process of re-associating the call with the context data. Setting up a separate call can be inconvenient, especially if the device being used does not support calls. WebRTC promises to do away with the challenges of plugins, making separate calls, and re-associating the call with the context data. This technology also guarantees to provide a more convenient way for users to communicate with a contact center, and for contact center agents to reach out more effectively to customers.

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