WFO Think back to 10 years ago. Or even just five. The landscape of how customers interact within and around the contact center has been astoundingly dynamic, and there are very few signs of things slowing down.  There are a variety of ways for companies to remain proactive and vigilant in order to maintain streamlined processes to increase quality, compliance, and the customer experience. However, this typically has not been considered the easiest to manage or the most-budget friendly of initiatives — until now.

Today, there is a noticeable push and measurable benefit from having traditionally siloed solutions together to align for greater business value and elevated levels of customer engagement, whether through social channels, web chat, text or voice calls.

One area is Workforce Optimization, which is being increasingly tied to routing and contact center infrastructure. Companies can gain significant benefits sourcing these solutions from a single vendor — here are 6 reasons why:

1. Keep IT Happy with Business Continuity

With so many new technologies and custom API/integration coding, multi-platform adoption with point solutions and deployments can quickly become an IT department’s biggest nightmare. Hardware, software, user and network security and preventative maintenance on multiple platforms is costly, from both a monetary and resource perspective.

2. Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Building upon reducing the vendor portfolio for management and business continuity, a single CCI vendor that additionally supports WFO can have an advantageous impact on cost — whether though a bundled initial purchase price or reoccurring support packages.

A large factor in total cost of ownership is the risk and work associated with upgrading one of the two components.  Regression testing and fixing the integration points can consume large chunks of time (and thus money) to ensure the solution still works as it did before the upgrade.

3. Be Agile and Primed for Continued Business Growth

It would be safe to say that no company has a desire to limit growth. The best way to prime for business prosperity is scalability and flexibility in your applications and platforms. Whether the need to record customer interactions is for quality, task routing, coaching or compliance, multiple different platforms create costly friction and frustration for required upgrades and resource virtualization.

4. Better Manage Virtualized Resources

The majority of contact center managers are moving towards resource virtualization, meaning there are no longer dedicated employees for just front office (FO) or back office (BO) work, but rather a blend of work among versatile workers across the enterprise. Driven by incoming interaction volumes—which arrive continuously to the company via different communication channels—work can be continuously, strategically and automatically allocated to either FO or BO workers.

5. Gain Analytics-Driven Workflows and Schedule-Based Routing

When exploring WFO solutions from CCI vendors, speech and text analytics is a critical discussion. Compliance regulations, quality management, and agent coaching are some high-profile examples of the need for a robust, scalable and industry-leading speech and text analytics solution to record and analyze 100% of multi-channel interactions.

6. Deliver a Consistent Customer Experience Across All Channels

Consumers are adopting new communication channels at a mind-blowing pace.  According to research from Ovum, 74% of consumers use three or more channels to get their question answered or their problem solved.  This consumer trend, driven by the mobile device explosion and changing consumer behavior, can greatly complicate service delivery. In order to deliver a consistent experience towards the customer and deliver on internal quality and service level objectives, selecting a solution that is designed with multi-channel and back office work item capabilities from the ground up, eliminates a number of bottlenecks immediately.

The days where Contact Center Infrastructure and Workforce Optimization solutions are evaluated, purchased and used independently are slowly but surely coming to a halt. The tangible benefits in terms of lowering cost of ownership, reducing integration risk, increasing business continuity and reducing manual work for the operations team through better automation is increasing in weight to key decision makes investing in technology to deliver great customer experiences.

To learn more check out our white paper Six Synergy Truths When Sourcing WFO & CCI from One Vendor.

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Stefan Captijn

Stefan Captijn

Stefan is Senior Director Strategic Marketing at Genesys. Stefan joined Genesys in April 2000, lives in the Amsterdam area with his wife and two children. In his free time, Stefan enjoys building loudspeakers, cycling and running.