WFOIt all starts with recruiting; interviewing and hiring the best candidate for your customer care organization.  Someone who, when given proper training and ongoing coaching and development, can provide your prospects and customers with a world-class experience.  But we all know it’s not that simple.

There are so many factors that go in to providing your prospects and customers with that world-class experience ideal that it is truly mind-boggling.  From your people, to your IVR, PBX, ACD, and CRM.  But for this blog post I wanted to focus specifically on the skills your new employees bring to the job, the skills you provide them as a new hire, the ongoing training, coaching and overall developmental guidance that is provided by the leadership team.

We should be able to agree that with the proper selection and training program, new hires are provided with the skills necessary to perform their job.  We verify this with skills assessments during training and quality monitoring when they reach the operations floor.

But statistics show that less than 1% of calls are monitored and used for coaching and development.  This is statistically insignificant and can lead to a bad customer experience.  We know that in most instances this is not a skill issue but rather a willingness issue.  How many times have you sat next to an employee, monitored calls, and found that they score 90% or better only to then remotely monitor the same employee to find that the score is well below 90%.

So the question we need to ask and answer is; does your WFO solution identify skill and willingness issues?

Speech analytics has made great strides and the latest technology can monitor and report on 100% of your call volume.  Not only can we determine “what was said”, but also, “what should be done” in near real-time.  To learn more about the latest in Speech Analytics please visit