James_Bond_CCTR-2jpgImagine your contact center as a James Bond movie:  you’ve got the training, skills, and charm to rid the world of bad customer experiences. Now, you need some back-up! Some extra reach so you can engage with customers across all channels. Even your agents need a few cool gadgets to be more productive and personalize the customer experience – all while being smooth and suave and dressing sharply to save the CX day.

We’re not saying that your contact center is in imminent danger or needs to be saved from world domination by your competitors. But, in order to strengthen your customer experience, you need to optimize your workforce, keep up on industry knowledge and trends, and leverage analytics tailored to your unique challenges. When in need for the latest and greatest technology, Bond turned to Q for all his cool product needs. For your contact center, you’ve got G – that’s Genesys!

Now, let’s take a page from Mr. Bond’s playbook and jet-set around the world to this year’s G-force events, highlighting a few key themes from some of Bond’s biggest hits:

Diamonds Are Forever – Contact center solutions are not! Over time, contact center needs change and evolve as customer demands change. Customers today also have higher expectations for interactions over digital channels. Smarter interaction routing to the right agent combined with the ability to drive omnichannel conversations will keep your customers coming back for more. If your contact center is in need for modernization, look for a platform that enables you to deliver personalized and consistent experience across all channels. Now, that’s a solution that may indeed last forever!

For Your Eyes Only – Your customers don’t need to know about IVRs and call center routing, outbound dialing or speech analytics, or that they are being transferred to an outsourced call center. How you do that is your business. Creating great customer experiences is all about delivering seamless – invisible – interactions over the customer’s channel of choice, while streamlining your business processes to reduce customer effort.  Great technology behind the scenes makes this happen. All your customer has to know is how quickly and easily they can engage with your business, make purchases and solve problems – and how emotionally connected they feel to your brand.

The Spy Who Loved Me – Our customers know that consistently delivering a great customer experience shows measurable business benefits far beyond improving customer loyalty and profit.  What made people choose Genesys and stand up before a camera to profess their love? See the video below. Bottom line, we love what we do, and aim to make every one of our customers happy. Hear for yourself!

Want to hear more? Listen to what great CX really means directly from our customers. Check out the video here!

So why Genesys? Because what matters most to us is delivering best-in-class technology and helping you not only solve problems, but deliver great experiences each and every time a customer engages with you. You define what great CX is and challenge us to be more innovative.

From Genesys with Love

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Samantha Pinney

Samantha Pinney

Samantha Pinney is a Senior Project Manager at Genesys. She most recently spent a decade working at Oracle in Branding and Marketing. She has more than 20 years experience in the high-tech industry, managing projects and creating content. She knows...