Online-Shopping-Cart-Featured-ImageOK, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is your company’s retail web site did record revenue during the Brown Thursday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber/Mobile Monday sales periods this year. Fantastic! The bad news is that you probably left a lot of revenue on the table! Why? Because too many consumers visited your web site and bought nothing. It’s like going to a brick & mortar store, walking through the aisles, having no one ask if you need help, and then leaving the store. To improve your web sales, offer that same human touch available in your stores with proactive engagement. You can identify web visitors most likely to buy and then offer proactive help to answer any questions and close sales.

Web Engagement Huge Opportunity

According to a recent Forrester blog from Kate Leggett, “Proactive chat – triggering of chat invitations based on a predefined set of visitor behaviors – is on the rise, with 44% of  US online consumers saying that they like having a chat invitation appear to help answer questions during an online research or purchase, up from 33% in 2012 and 27% in 2009.” You can see the full post here.

Are you ready to better engage your customers on the web? Don’t wait until next year’s holiday season to do it! Here are three tips to boost your revenue by optimally engaging your contact center staff and providing the tools to interact with consumers visiting your web site:

1. Engage Customers at the Right Moment – Automatically monitor consumer activity on your web page, and then proactively engage a select number of people in real-time based on their web behavior. For example, we’ve all been to web sites that shove an offer-to-chat window before the page is even done loading. That’s too quick and customers can get annoyed, closing the chat offer just to get it out of the way. Not good. Instead, use a web engagement system with configurable business rules that allows you to intelligently offer help when and where it’ll have the most impact on your business.

Genesys Web Engagement

2. Offer the Right Channel –  Today’s web engagement solutions can determine the right moment to make an offer, as well as the right channel to use, which is typically chat, voice call back, video or email. To optimize your revenue stream, the right channel should be offered. For example, set thresholds on the potential revenue to align with the expense of helping in that channel. Offering relatively expensive video or voice call back should be done for larger revenue opportunities, but offering chat or SMS at a lower cost is better suited to smaller revenue sales.

3. Follow-Up Abandoned Shopping Carts

What happens if a consumer visits your web site, logs in, fills up and then abandons a shopping cart? Go to your own web site and try it. Because you logged in before abandoning, you should at least get an email or an SMS message asking about your shopping cart! Does your company do this? It should.

The key advantages of a Web Engagement solution can be summed up as follows:

  • Tracks consumers’ online behavior with web monitoring
  • Decides if, when, and how to engage and in what channel using a rules engine
  • Drives engagement offers including follow-up on abandoned shopping carts

Finally, web engagement solutions should be fully integrated into your contact center routing and workforce management systems. This ensures the right agents across the right channels are actually available when help needs to be offered.

For more information on how you can set up your own web engagement system to boost web revenue, see our white paper on Proactively Increase Your Online Sales.