Diversity People Digital Communication Technology ConceptOh, where is that elusive Waldo hiding? Your contact center agents aren’t spending time literally looking for Waldo. But unless they have a unified agent desktop, they may be undergoing a similar search every time they try to help a customer.

When a call comes in, does your agent have to dig for the email that the customer sent earlier? Or is the customer journey history and previous interactions at the agent’s fingertips, enabling an instantaneous review of the customer’s email? Can the agent see which web pages the customer browsed and CRM records like purchase history? Or does your agent have to jump between windows and search in multiple places to find what they need?

We all know that it is time-consuming to find a specific window when too many things are open on our desktops. Our contact center agents may have the same issue. Yet, we’re telling them to speed it up. We tell them to reduce hold time, talk time, and transfers, deliver first contact resolution, and oh yes, a great customer experience.

However, are we equipping them to meet these multiple demands?

Improve the Agent Experience with an Omnichannel Desktop

When agents don’t have the tools to readily meet customer needs, stress climbs and dissatisfaction ensues. In an industry notorious for high turnover, agent satisfaction matters. According to Forrester’s Kate Leggett, some contact centers have attrition rates of more than 100% a year.

One strategy to reduce turnover is to improve the agent experience.

How do we do that?

The answer lies in empowering agents with an omnichannel unified agent desktop, enabling you to:

  • Equip agents with context across all channels – voice, email, SMS, web chat, video, work items and social media.
  • Give agents insight into the the full customer journey, and the ability to drill down into the details of each step.
  • Place a full set of interaction support tools at agents’ fingertips, such co-browsing, a standard response library and knowledge base access, along with the ability to proactively push information directly to a customer.
  • Facilitate first contact resolution via one-click access to supervisor and SME consultation, using IM or voice.

To learn more, join us for our upcoming global webinars on April 1 titled, Redefining the Agent Desktop for Omnichannel Customer Experience. You can see an omnichannel desktop in action. You can register for any of our four global sessions here!