workforce managementAs you are aware from my previous blogs, my background is based in leading customer care organizations. There is no question that the most rewarding, and at times the most frustrating aspect of running a customer care organization is managing large groups of people. It can be very difficult to operate at a high level of efficiency and effectiveness and the slightest misstep can create chaos.

Here are two factors that drive success.

The first factor of success is leadership, but not just the leaders, Director of Operations, Operations Managers and Supervisors interacting with the front line CSR’s, but how they interact with other departments like Workforce Management, and Human Resources.

Leadership development starts from the top down. Inspect what you expect on a daily basis.

  1. Every operation I have been directly involved with has an attendance policy. The policy is usually based on some form of excused and unexcused absences within a set amount of time. Make sure the policy is easy to understand and more importantly, easy to apply across the board
  2. The dreaded “F” word, FMLA or “Family and Medical Leave Act”. It is detailed and changes frequently. Make sure HR has it boiled down so that the Leadership team understands the law and how to apply it. And, be ready and willing to partner with HR when there are questions
  3. Ensure that your Operations Leaders are communicating with HR and Workforce Management on a daily basis. These three organizations should function as one and be aligned on all policies and procedures

The second factor is a flexible Workforce Management solution.

  1. The solution should integrate with Time Keeping and ERP modules to ensure data consistency
  2. Look for a system that is role based so that different levels of Leadership and Departments can have the appropriate access
  3. Reporting should be robust and readily available to ensure timely and accurate decision data points

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Also, be sure to avoid the dreaded “F” word epidemic. It is possible for employees to use FMLA inappropriately which can create a time-off challenge in your organization.