Nemertes LogoThe number of touchpoints and channels used by your customers and prospects is exploding, resulting in a seismic shift that will permanently change the contact center landscape. In fact, in our guest Blog post by Lisa Durant of Nemertes Research last week, she said that “The Nemertes 2013-14 Enterprise Technology Benchmark showed that by the end of 2014, 72% of companies planned to engage via email, 47% would support real-time chat, 29% would use website engagement, 24% planned for mobile engagement, and 11% planned to monitor social media in the contact center.”

Unfortunately, research shows that as the number of touchpoints increases, the customer experience gets worse. This situation is at least partly due to the challenges that this new multi-channel world creates for contact center workforce optimization. Each new contact channel is usually handled by dedicated applications and teams, which causes the following problems:

  • Multiple systems to administer
  • Inconsistent planning across channels & tasks
  • Time-consuming process to make adjustments to work routing across multiple channels when there are schedule changes or service level issues
  • No single view of employee availability & adherence across channels
  • Performance data in multiple (silo) systems
  • Difficult (if not impossible) to have a unified quality management process across all channels

Luckily these challenges are not insurmountable, and you can turn the channel and touchpoint explosion into a transformational opportunity.

To learn more, including best practices on how to transform your customer experience with workforce optimization, watch our recent Webinar featuring Irwin Lazar and Lisa Durant of Nemertes Research discussing more of the recently published results of the Nemertes 2013-14 Enterprise Technology Benchmark, and also discuss their recommendations for solving today’s workforce optimization problems.