MobileToday, the mobile device is as much a part of moms’ busy lives as bringing orange slices to a soccer game. Whether communicating with their children or office, organizing calendars, researching products, or locating directions, mothers are leveraging the mobile device to its fullest extent. While the industry buzzes about mobile marketing to millennials and young adults – the mobile moms, with her multi-faceted uses for mobile, should be another critical target audience for mobile marketers– today’s mobile moms.

A recent survey, Alliance Data Mobile Moms Retail Survey, sheds light on the preferences, uses, and key drivers of mobile among mothers. The survey asked moms:

  • How mobile influences shopping and buying decisions
  • Which vertical industries mothers interact with via mobile
  • How they value their mobile device

The survey, conducted this March, reinforces the value of mobile as a major influence in the mother’s path to purchase Retail and CPG marketers must find ways to engage with moms via mobile, delivering the right messages, driving in-store and online sales, and building brand loyalty. The inforgraphic of the survey is below.

According to Alliance Data Retail Services, “Mobile provides that impulse opportunity to shop. When [moms] are in-store, they are using it as a price comparison tool, and at home it is all about convenience.” When asked why moms prefer to use their mobile device, 29 percent of survey participants pick their phones to shop because it is easy and fast.

Mothers seek to make the best use of limited time and have adopted ways to optimize decisions regarding product selections and purchases. Mobile is a shortcut to this process. According to the survey:

  • More than half of moms who own a mobile device report using it at least once a week as part of their shopping experience.
  • 38 percent report taking a picture of a shelf tag to compare prices later.
  • 56 percent of moms use their mobile devices to research or shop for clothing, followed by beauty at 47 percent.
  • Moms are also likely to comparison shop using mobile devices in electronics stores and big-box retailers.
  • 27 percent cited price comparisons as the leading reason for using their smartphone to shop; with 36 percent using apps to compare, and 19 percent interacting via bar codes or QR codes.

In order for marketers to break though the noise, they need to focus on asking moms what type of information they value and how they preferred to be communicated with. According to the survey, to receive marketing messages from their favorite brands, 52 percent of moms preferred text, and 44 percent chose email. As moms always tell us, “ask first,” and this should be the rule of thumb for marketers as well.

The bond between a mother and her mobile device is gaining momentum to be as strong as that with her child. Okay, maybe not that strong, but a surprising 22 percent of the moms surveyed said that they would choose to give up time with their kids for one month over not having their mobile device.

This Sunday many moms may be receiving new mobile devices for Mother’s Day. Retail brands need to leverage the immediacy and personalization of mobile, enabling moms to control preferences of how they engage with brands while providing relevant content all year round. I wish you all a happy Mother’s Day, and remember to call your mother as text may not be her preferred channel on this day.

The Mobile Mom Infographic by Alliance Data


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Rachael Royds

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