multi-channel customer experienceGenesys recently announced a partnership with Zendesk.  The goal of the partnership is to deliver a single console for your company’s agents, improving their efficiency and allowing them to deliver superior cloud-based customer experiences.

Zendesk specializes in consolidating communication channels, information portals and systems to simplify a customer service agent’s workload, thereby improving their productivity.  Genesys specializes in multichannel customer experience and contact center solutions with best-in-class routing capabilities and voice self service – ensuring that inbound phone calls are routed to the right agent at the right time, increasing first call resolution and reducing transfers.  The combination of these two powerful technologies provides clients with a unified multi-channel customer experience solution that can significantly improve your agents’ efficiency.

The Genesys and Zendesk solution goes beyond what any other voice partner has implemented with Zendesk.  Genesys worked directly with the award-winning Zendesk designers to create a solution that seamlessly works inside the Zendesk console.  When inbound calls are routed to specific agents based on their set skills and proficiency levels, the agent gets a screen-pop showing who the caller is and the history of interactions with the customer.  This easily enables the agent to tailor the conversation with the customer – from greeting the caller by name, to assessing the probable reason for the call, to quickly resolving the problem at hand.  By simplifying the job for the agent, the ultimate goal is easily achieved: to improve the multi-channel customer experience.

Watch this unified solution in action in our webinar Zen and the Art of Multi-Channel Customer Experience available  on-demand. Start living the Zen way today!