customer serviceWe recently hosted our first webinar with Zendesk, Zen and The Art of Multi-Channel Customer Experience. The webinar featured a demo of the cloud-based integrated solution brought to market for companies to seamlessly manage all their customer service interactions across channels.  There was so much social media interaction and so many questions during the webinar that we ran out of time to answer them all!  To that end, here are answers to the a few of the more popular questions we couldn’t respond to in the webinar.

Question: What is the sweet spot for the number of users of the integrated solution?

Answer: The ideal size for the Genesys-Zendesk solution is between 10 and 250 users.  The combined platforms easily support more users, however additional features and functionality typically accompany more than 250 users.  These more advanced features for organizations with more than 250 users will be available at a later date.

Question: Can Genesys-Zendesk integrate with a custom CRM database?

Answer: Yes! Both platforms have open APIs that are very easy to use and integrate with any CRM or back-end database via web services.  Standard out-of-the-box integrations exist for and other CRM applications.  Alternatively, we can also integrate with a home-grown CRM system.

Question: Can an customer service agent respond via SMS using the Genesys Premier Edition with Zendesk integration?

Answer: Yes, an SMS widget can be added as an iFrame to the agent monitor, in the same way that the Agent and Supervisor monitors are embedded inside the Zendesk console.  The agent will not need to leave the Zendesk console in order to respond to customer service questions using SMS.

Question: Is this solution compatible with smartphones?

Answer: Yes. Zendesk has native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.  More info on Zendesk mobility can be found here. And, since the integrated solution of Genesys Premier Edition works directly inside the Zendesk console, complete functionality exists from all smartphones.

Question: Can the ‘screen pop’ be customized?

Answer: Yes. The object(s) that pop to the agent with your inbound calls can be defined by you and your business needs.  You can be sure to arm your agent with the most pertinent information about the each inbound call in order for them to personalize that experience for the caller, and lead to faster call resolutions as agents can quickly ascertain the probable reason for the call.

We love the interest and feedback  for our webinar attendees – so please keep them coming!  Send any additional questions via Twitter @Genesys or on our Google+ page – or you can leave a comment here on the Genesys Blog.  If you missed the webinar, check out the on-demand here.